Antonia on KTLA5 with Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy Parents

On Thursday, September 5th 2013, Chef Antonia met live with KTLA5 to discuss quick and easy lunch and dinner recipes for busy parents. The Busy Mom’s Cookbook has 100 delicious and easy recipes and is now available in Paperback.

Top takeaways:

  • Interactive lunches are a fun idea – kids love to put things together (great way to encourage them to eat healthy food)
  • Kids are more adventurous with food when they can build it themselves
  • Dinner idea: Fish tacos are easy to make and take about 15 minutes
  • Fluffer Nutter Sandwich is “Crazy Good” –

Watch the video of Chef Antonia’s appearance on KTLA5:

Chef Antonia at “Giada’s Festa Italiana” – Thursday Aug 22

Antonia at LA Food and WineHappy foodie days are here again as the LA Food and Wine festival approaches. This Thursday, August 22nd, Chef Antonia Lofaso will be at Giada’s Festa Italiana in Downtown Los Angeles to cook up some delicious bites from Black Market Liquor Bar.

Last year Chef Antonia’s delicious dishes had guests lining up all evening to enjoy decadent foods prepared by Antonia, including squash blossoms with a crab, tarragon, and Mascarpone filling.

Get your tickets to the event for Thursday, August 22nd and try some of Chef Antonia’s cooking.


Giada’s Festa Italiana – August 22nd, 2013

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Between 1st and 2nd Street – Grand Avenue
Downtown Los Angeles

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Antonia’s “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook” is Now Available!

The Busy Mom's CookbookAfter much excitement and anticipation, Chef Antonia Lofaso’s “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook” is now available for purchase!

If you weren’t able to pre-order, you can head down to your local Barnes & Noble book store or purchase online:

Sample Recipes

Antonia was thrilled to have an opportunity to share her incredibly delicious, quick and easy recipes for busy parents. If you would like to try your hand at some of the recipes as a preview for the cookbook, check out these edible delights:

Shrimp Lo Mein with Bell Pepper, Edamame, and Scallions

Caramel Almond Popcorn

Open-Face BLT with Eggs on the Sunny-Side

Pre-Order Chef Antonia’s “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook”

The Busy Mom's CookbookThank you everyone who pre-ordered Chef Antonia Lofaso’s cookbook! The book is now released and available in-stores and online.

You can order your copy of Chef Antonia’s “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook” online from the following stores:

Chef Antonia’s New Book “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook”

Cover for Busy Mom's Cookbook by Antonia Lofaso

Chef Antonia Lofaso is a busy mom with a daughter to raise and a restaurant kitchen to run, but she knows how important a delicious meal is for her family.

Antonia’s new book The Busy Mom’s Cookbook includes 100 quick and delicious home-cooked meals that are not only delicious, but fun to cook.

The Busy Mom’s Cookbook is now available!

The Official Website of Chef Antonia Lofaso